Celnovia is a totalitarianism nation who was once apart of canada. The nation declared independence and fought a hard battle.

Motto: The Greatest Come first
Anthem: Joi March
Government: Totalitarianism
Location: Off the coast of Canada
Capital City Joi City
Population: 3,576
Active Population 3,576
Date of foundation: Independence declared December 5,2009 Officaly Febuary 6, 2010
Leadership: Dictator Jack Joi
Language: English and French
Demonym: Celenovians
Currency: Joian Dollar
National Food none
National Drink none
National Animal Fish
National Sport Hockey
Orginization: SNA

History and Declaring IndependenceEdit

The small Island of Celnovia was founded by Ukie Danis, a english explorer, in 1290 dating back to be one of the first explorers to find the small island. Until canada was populated the island was completly empty. In 1923 it was re-populated by leader of Qubec Ricky Joi.

It led a quite life as apart of Vancouver until 2009, after current mayor and ansector of Ricky Joi, Jack Joi declared independence. They decided to delcare war aganist Canada in a war called Joian Independence. Here are some of the war stats(Note: Only guns were used)

Casualities Dead Injured
Canada 19 39
Celnovia 20 9

Some of the army for the Celnovians were supplied from Qubec who supported the independence. The war lasted from Decemeber 5, 2009 to Febuary 6, 2010. After quite attacks and military stand-offs both contries signed a treaty and is the only country Celnovia will talk to.


Even though the country is Totalitarianist it has a 2 page consitiutuion that states the Joi's or leading dictator can only serve up to 90 years as dictator and once there term is done the must appoint someone and they can't refuse. The current leader is Jack Joi.

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