The Udaho congress is made up of seven seats here are the current members.



Udaho is a Representative Democracy where each county elects one representative to congress and they vote on a issue. The law or bill then goes to the president and he either approves or vetoes the bill.

Political PartiesEdit


In a agreement in early 2010 with President Obama every right a US citizen has a Udaho citizen has. Udaho is the only country the US reconigzies as a person can be a dual citizen. Udaho has the same bill of rights to.

Congress make upEdit

On January 17th, 2010 Marcus appointed some of his freinds or scientists of the land to the first Udaho congress and other cabinet postions.

Other congresses:


Congress votes on a bill and if four people vote on a bill then it passes. If a major bill like health care or personal issues needs five votes.

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