The Federal Government is the President the Vice President and all of the cabinet members.


The Cabinet are the people that advise and help the preisdent. The order are also the order of sucssion to the presidency.


The president is the leader of all of Udaho. The president signs bills into laws and orders wars and other grants.

Vice PresidentEdit

The Vice President is the President's top adviser and also keeps him current on issues. The Vice President is second in line to the president and usally goes out to other countries to keep peace.

Secertary of StateEdit

The S'ecretary of State' is thrid in line to the presidency and has the power to sign peace treaties and speak with other countries.

Secertary of the PeopleEdit

The Secertary of the People is fourth in line to the presidency. The SOP speaks with local Udahoians and reports back to the president.

Secertary of Money and FinanceEdit

The Secertary of Money and Finance is in control of all money issues and Financial proplems. The secertary can also stop big money bills if 4 votes in congress agree.

Secertary of Domestic AffairsEdit

Secertary of Domestice Affairs is a postion in which they do almost nothing. They are somtimes called "High lobbyist" because they always advocate for there problems.

Secertary of DefenseEdit

The Secertary of Defense controls all milita and army. He cannot call for war but controls all tatics and other military things.

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